At Parterre we have an initial focus on individual houses and summer houses; for new build, extension, transformation, and renovation projects. We are based in Copenhagen and do projects across Sjælland and around Aarhus.


Beyond housing, our skills and experiences cover the whole spectrum of architectural design, from furniture to masterplanning, from hospitality to public space design, and we have a great passion for all projects.


The following is the full process for new build, extension, transformation and renovation house projects. We will usually do all of these services for a project, but each process is unique and to create the best result for each project we will adapt the process accordingly. Therefore you can also view each of these as individual services we can provide.

The main purpose of the first meeting is to see if we are aligned with each other and have good communication together, to see if we can become a great team to realise a great project with an enjoyable process. We will discuss your wishes and needs and start to create a brief together while you receive initial feedback about how your ideas can work architecturally with their potentials and restrictions. We will explain the different process options, how to work with your budget, and advise on how to move forward.


After the initial meeting Parterre will create a process and fee proposal for your project.

The initial meeting is free of charge and non-binding

The most important phase for creating your perfect project, the Design Phase takes your initial ideas and develops them through a rigorous and iterative process into an overall design that becomes the driving force to creating a great project. Together we will explore different options for the function and aesthetics of your project to reach the right solution. 


This process is broken down into sub-phases that typically follow this strúcture; Concept & Feasibility, Design Development, and Finalised design. Each of the following sub-phases ends in a design meeting to decide which ideas to further develop during the next sub-phase.


The outcome of this phase is that the project is designed to a level ready for the building application, with a holistic concept that guides all future decisions for the upcoming design decisions to be made in the following phases.

 From the design created in the previous phase the material needed for the building application to the municipality is created and the process undertaken. This consists of the drawings, calculations and descriptions. We will take the dialogue with the municipality and provide any further information they need. The outcome is a building permission.

This phase is called the Main Project because this is where the overall design ideas and 

drawn in detail to realise the whole project. The detailed drawing material is what the contractors can give prices from and also build with. The drawings include the main plans and sections in further detail, construction descriptions, zoom-ins on key details, carpentry drawings, and technical installations. 


The outcome of this phase is a set of drawings that can be used to receive offers from contractors and for them to build from.

The drawings from the previous phase are combined with a tender invitation, Construction Description document and Construction Quantities document to create the tender package. 


We create a list of potential contractors that are a good fit for the project and together we make a priority order. From that list we invite contractors until we have 3 who want to bid on the project.


We conduct the tender process, including meetings and projects revisions, that results in receiving 3 offers for building the project.

No matter how comprehensive the Main Project and Tender Process, there are always going to be changes to the project during construction due to the complexity of building. Therefore we provide consultancy during construction on how changes should be resolved to maintain the vision of the project, through both on-site meetings and drawing updates.

When the construction is finished the municipality needs a completion report to grant a ‘use permit’. The report includes confirmation that the construction has been completed in accordance with the building regulations and any further requirements in the building permit.

During the process we might need additional services and surveys, such as structural engineering, sustainability and energy consultancy, heat loss calculations, LCA calculation, a land survey, geotechnical survey, rainwater management, and fire consultancy.


As soon as we know the basic information about your project we know which of these services we will need.