We create timeless buildings and places through concept-driven designs that combine simple yet beautiful spatial solutions together with a progressive use of materials.

Parterre is an architecture office based in Copenhagen, founded by Sofie Hovgaard and Jack Perry in 2022.

Our concept-driven architecture is anchored in principles of creating enriching spatial experiences with elegant material expressions, in relationship with efficient organisation logics and simple, long-lasting construction methods.

The combination of these experiential and functional principles combine to create a holistic relationship between spaces that are a joy to inhabit and their inherent sustainability.


We have an initial focus on houses and transformations while also designing beyond the scope of the home. Houses remain today the typology of architecture with the most freedom to create brave, nuanced, and characterful buildings that host everyday life in a way that gives the most freedom to its users. With departure in houses, we take those possibilities into other fields of architecture.


In collaboration with clients, we provide services from the first sketch to when you move in. We work closely with clients, municipalities, contractors and producers. We can facilitate each phase of the process; starting with designing the project, collaborating with engineers on solutions, acquiring building permission from municipalities, translating the design into construction drawings for builders, facilitating pricing processes, assisting in choosing the right contractors and supervising the construction of the project.


The office holds a professional ansvarsforsikring from RTM.