Wood in the Woods House

Wood in the Woods House is a collaboration between Parterre and Spacon & X, the design phase architect, for a total renovation of a timber-clad summer house in a forest for a small family and their guests. The internal layout is reorganised into more generous spaces, window openings enlarged towards nature, insulation added to improve energy performance, and new surface materials and building elements increase the material quality of the house. 


The design focuses on creating a calm experience for when the family takes a break from the city and reconnect with nature. This is achieved through simple, contemporary detailing and high quality materials and products. New thermo-ash exterior cladding is combined with large oak framed windows and oak shutters to create a complimentary timber material palette against the backdrop of the forest. The additional insulation is also made from wood, a more sustainable alternative to typical insulation types. New bathrooms highlight the contemporary aesthetic with aluminium sinks, steel fixtures, and extended use of mirrors set against the sand coloured concrete and limestone wall tiles.

Type: Renovation and extension

Location: Nordsjælland

Parterre Services: Building Application, Main Project, Tender Process & Construction Phase Consultancy

Design Phase Architect: Spacon & X

Status: Under construction