Wood on Brick Villa

Location: Gentofte, Greater Copenhagen

Parterre Services: Concept through to completion

Status: Licitation phase

The starting point for this ambitious transformation of the 1930’s villa is that there is more architectural quality, richness and character in transforming rather tearing down and building from scratch. 

To meet the spatial needs of the family additional square metres are created through removing the existing top floor and adding a new ash clad first floor and extension to the house, wrapping around the yellow brick. This ash and yellow brick combine with a Scandinavian limestone tile base and podium to realise a 3 material concept for the exterior.


All new construction is based on timber building components for structure, insulation, membranes, cladding solely timber based building components for structure, insulation, membranes, cladding. This is part of an ambitious sustainability agenda that also includes a ground source heat pump and solar panels to create an operationally carbon neutral home.

The internal layout is drawn around an oak core that houses the functional needs which also becomes an iconic part of the generous living spaces. 

The house is situated in a landscape design that starts with a long view of the front elevation of the house that contains a rich range of hard and soft zones with a variety of grasses a nature pool.